Our story

Raining needlesFloss & Mischief started because of an argument about taxidermy.

Genevieve’s boyfriend wanted to fill the house with very on-trend stuffed and mounted insects, but she put her foot down as it’s just too creepy. As a peace offering she designed and stitched some cross-stitch beetles for him.

Today, Floss & Mischief still rocks the taxidermy trend, and our stylish cross-stitch collections keep growing.

What makes us tick

Needlework is an amazing craft. We’re especially big fans of the modern stuff – the type of stitching that inspires people to pick up needle and thread.

As well as creating contemporary patterns to get people stitching, we like needlework designed for quick success. Our small cross-stitch projects build your skills, take you on a stitching journey and keep you happy.

British designed, British made

We design our patterns and assemble our kits by hand in urban London and among the rolling hills of the Cotswolds (England).

We love to support other home-grown talent where we can. That’s why we painstakingly tracked down embroidery hoops made in Gloucestershire, needles made in Worcestershire, and why our printing is done in Northumberland, Yorkshire, Essex and London. In fact, all of our supplies are sourced in Great Britain too.

Who we are

Genevieve stitching

Our chief mischief-maker is Genevieve Brading. When she’s not (still) arguing with her boyfriend about taxidermy, she’s designing trendy needlework or embroidering cool stuff.

But Floss & Mischief is more than just one person’s toil. We wouldn’t be here without the help of some pretty talented people…

The photographers who make our products sing, the creatives who make our packaging rock, the suppliers who keep us in stock, the stockists who sell our products, the media and friends who champion our designs, the clients who trust us with their ideas, the stitchers who bring our patterns to life.

Thank you mischief-makers for making us what we are today.


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