Pimp your hoopla

Knock the socks off your needlework with our decorative hoopla guide:

Paint it

Why not co-ordinate your hoop to your embroidery? Simply paint the outer hoop a complementary or contrasting colour to make it pop.

Water-based paint like acrylic or emulsion does the trick on wooden hoops, but be sure to let it dry fully before mounting your work. For a vintage washed-out look, thin your paint with a dash of water first.

If you get any paint on the screw, just scrape it off when dry or wipe it away with a damp cotton bud.

Painting a hoopla

Wrap it

If you fancy something a little more textured, wrap your hoop in ribbon. The hardest bit is picking which ribbon, fabric and pattern to use.

Dab a little glue or attach some double-sided sticky tape to the outer hoop. Place your ribbon onto the adhesive and start winding it tightly around the hoop. Cover the ribbon end as you go and overlap each layer a little.

Use adhesive again to secure the ribbon at the other end.

Wrapping a hoopla with ribbon


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