How difficult are your patterns?
1 out of 5 bobbins difficultyWe love easy patterns that are a doddle to stitch up. Our 1-5 bobbin difficulty rating tells you how difficult each design is, and what skills or techniques they’re great for developing. If you’re new to cross-stitch, try a smaller 1-bobbin project as they’re designed for quick success and are brilliant for newbies. Plus every kit contains a how-to guide for you to crib from.

I can’t print at home, can you send me a printed pattern?
Our PDF patterns are sold as just that, PDF files. So you will need the capacity to download, open and print PDF files yourself to enjoy our patterns individually. We sometimes, though rarely, have hardcopies of some patterns in stock. Ask us if you get really stuck. Here’s more about pattern delivery.

Do your PDF patterns include instructions?
Sorry, no. If you’ve progressed to PDF patterns, we assume that you already cross-stitch and so don’t need how-to instructions. It also helps to keep our PDF file sizes smaller. If you’ve bought one of our PDF patterns and would like a how-to guide, we can send you a printed version for a small fee (to cover costs). Simply tell us your address to receive a quote by email.DMC

What brand of thread is in your kits?
We only work with top quality materials, so our kits contain DMC stranded cotton threads. We love them for their depth of colour and durability. You’ll also find Anchor (ANC) colour codes on our patterns – another great go-to brand.

How many strands do you stitch with?
Typically three, for a fuller finish in our photos. Otherwise we love the simplicity of stitching with two strands and starting with a loop. Go with whatever you fancy most!

How can I tell which colour thread to use where, in your kits?
Our patterns are created in full colour, so that you can colour match your thread to the pattern key. To give you a head start, we also pre-sort your threads onto a thread-card in the same colour order as they appear on the pattern key. Our patterns can include deceptively similar colours, so we also include symbols so you can tell them apart more easily.

Help, I’ve run out of thread!
Oh no, not being able to finish your stitching sucks! Our patterns tell you how much of each colour, to the nearest metre, the design uses. Our kits often contain a little extra thread so that you can unpick a few mistakes along the way. While we road test every one of our patterns, we also know that everyone stitches a little differently. If you bought one of our kits and don’t have enough thread to finish the pattern with, tell us which DMC colour code you need and your address to receive an extra metre or two.

What size embroidery hoop do you recommend?
We especially love working with 7” embroidery hoops. They usually fit our patterns in full so you don’t need to reposition the hoop while stitching, plus they allow some white space around your needlework if you frame it in the hoop. You can buy the same hoops that we use in our shop.

Where do you get your coloured embroidery hoops from?
They’re humble wooden embroidery hoops that we’ve pimped up with paint. Grab any paint you have to hand, and mix up the perfect shade to make your stitching pop. Here’s some advice about brightening up your hoopla.

Where do you get your box frames from?
You may have seen us use 6″ x 6″ brown box frames from boxframes.co.uk. We’re also tempted to try a 7″ x 7″ or larger white box frame, to give our needlework a crisp modern feel.


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