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One year of parcel spam

Just A Card campaign supported by Floss & Mischief

Last year we made this promise to shout about the Just A Card campaign in every order we post. And we have.

We put our hand in our pocket, printed hundreds of flyers, and have included one in every parcel we could over the last year. Would we do it again? Yes we would, and yes we will.

The Just A Card campaign¬†encourages people to support independent shops, galleries and designer-makers by reminding us all that every purchase, however small, matters to them. For us, it’s not about buying for the sake of buying. But rather, if you want to see your favourite independents thrive, action speaks louder than words. Next time you’re debating whether or not to buy that item, and it’s made or sold by an independent business like us, know that every single order keeps us in business.

Thank you for making us who we are today, and sorry (not sorry) for the Just A Card flyers in your parcels tomorrow.

We’re 4!

Floss & Mischief 4th birthday

Thank you thank you thank you, for getting us to our 4th birthday!! Put simply, we would not have reached today’s milestone without your amazing support. Thanks for making us the business we are today, you beautiful stitchers. *Chest bump*

Please sir, more thread

Embroidery thread

Good news, mischief makers! We’re putting extra thread into our cross-stitch kits.

Since Floss & Mischief was born three years ago, our products have constantly evolved to be the best they can be. Even now, we continue to look at our kits with fresh eyes. Plus your enthusiasm and feedback have sparked many tweaks along the way (thank you).

You’ll be pleased to hear that we’re now increasing the amount of thread in some of our kits, including favourites like the Yellow Moth, Purple Beetle, Mustard Moth Trio and Fly. That way you’ll have enough to finish your pattern and make some mistakes along the way.

How else can we make our kits even better? Email us your ideas.

12 months of needlework

It was a happy post day when Mr X Stitch‘s 2015 calendar dropped through our letterbox. As a connoisseur of contemporary embroidery and needlecraft, he knows a thing or two about inspirational needle-slingers. Now every month we look forward to admiring another textile artist pushing the boundaries of needlework.

2015 Mr X Stitch calendar, January

January’s pin up is Cayce Zavaglia, one of our absolute favourite embroidery artists. A trained painter, Cayce applies her background and artistic eye to the humble needle and thread, to produce the most stunning densely embroidered portraits. By cleverly mimicking brush strokes, her embroidery resembles a classical oil painting. It’s utterly remarkable.

Here’s a wonderful video of Cayce at work:

Win your own 2015 calendar!
We’ve got one awesome Mr X Stitch 2015 calendar to give away! We’ll pick one of you at random from our mailing list at 10am GMT on Monday 26th January to receive it. Just make sure you’re subscribed to our emails by then to be in with a chance of winning!

If you can’t wait till then, you can buy your own Mr X Stitch 2015 calendar on Etsy.

Cross-stitch pdf patterns still available (sort of)

How will you get yours?

You may have heard rumblings about a new European Union (EU) tax law that comes into force tomorrow, 1st January 2015. While we won’t bore you with all the details, you may experience one significant side-effect: if you live in the EU you may find it harder to buy pdf craft patterns from now on.

Many of the websites, shopping carts and payment providers that independent craft businesses like Floss & Mischief rely on to sell online, simply haven’t yet developed a way to comply with the new law. As a result, many digital pattern sellers worldwide are choosing to retire their pdf patterns or to block EU customers from buying them. Yes, what a sucky New Year gift!

The vast majority of you (our awesome mischief-making customers) live either in the UK or outside the EU. For you guys it’s business as usual at Floss & Mischief, whoop! You can buy and download our pdf cross-stitch patterns from our online shop to your heart’s content.

If you live in the EU (except the UK), from tomorrow you’ll no longer be able to purchase our patterns for download. Instead, ask us about receiving our cross-stitch patterns by personal email.

It’s with a heavy heart that we’ve chosen to restrict our pattern downloads to domestic (UK) and non-EU crafters. We’re not comfortable with penalising our lovely EU customers in this way – we’re truly sorry for it. But we hold out hope that our online partners will develop the technical solutions we need to make our pattern downloads easily available to everyone again. We’ll continue to work with them behind the scenes to make it happen.

In the meantime mischief-makers, we wish you the greatest happiness, joy and crafting in 2015!

PS: Not sure which countries are in the EU? Here’s a list. Which is not to be confused with the European Economic Area or even Europe, which are different beasts. Confused much?


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